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3 facts about your vehicle’s heating system

When winter arrives, there are many ways to stay warm, including wearing a heavy coat, drinking tea, wrapping yourself in a thick blanket and, of course, turning up the heat in your car. The team at Auto Value Certified Service Centers has prepared an interesting article on this essential system. Happy reading!

  • It consists of two circuits 

Car heating systems consist of two circuits: a water circuit that produces heat and a ventilation circuit that circulates the air in the cabin. The ventilation circuit lets in air that’s been filtered through the cabin filter, which then passes through the air conditioning compressor before being heated by the radiator.

Most modern cars have air vents with flaps that can be opened or closed as needed. You can also adjust the blower strength and direction of the ventilation according to your preferences and needs, like defrosting the windshield.

  • It doesn’t use extra energy

Your car’s heating system uses the engine’s fluids to produce and circulate warm air and ensure your comfort. When the car’s running, the fluids get extremely hot. Therefore, unlike air conditioning, your heating system doesn’t consume extra energy. It follows a heat recovery principle if you will.

  • It must be inspected before winter

You can’t assume your heating system will fire up on the first cold morning of the year. The Auto Value Certified Service Centers team knows better than to wait until the last minute to ensure yours is in good working order.

Don’t delay! Request an appointment at one of our repair shops to perform the following tasks and more:

  • Ensure the coolant is clean and efficient. If improperly maintained, the coolant can clump and form a paste.
  • Check for leaks, frays and tears in the rubber hoses and replace them if necessary.
  • Remove excess debris clogging the radiator.
  • Test the air conditioner’s performance to ensure it effectively removes moist air from the cabin.

One thing is certain: neglecting to maintain your car’s heating system could cost you dearly. Do you want to avoid breakdowns and give yourself peace of mind before the cold weather hits? If so, have your heating system professionally inspected today by scheduling an appointment at your nearest Auto Value Certified Service Centers.

Service is the difference. We get it!

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