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5 little-known reasons you may get pulled over when driving

When an officer starts up their sirens and pulls a driver over, very often it’s for speeding or disregarding a traffic signal. But other times, it’s for less obvious infractions that have nothing to do with how a person is driving. As a helpful reminder, Auto Value Certified Service Centers has put together a list of five of the most common violations of this kind.

1. You car has a broken part. If one of your car’s parts isn’t working, this may be grounds for getting a ticket. Very often the issue is a burnt-out headlight or brake light. Sometimes, you’re lucky in these circumstances and will get off with only a warning. In any event, you need to make sure to get the problem dealt with straightaway: if you get pulled over again for the same reason, you can be sure that the officer will be far less understanding.

2. Your licence plate is illegible. The Highway Safety Code states that your licence plate “must be free of any object or matter that could impair its legibility.” This includes dirt, snow and bike racks. Law enforcement is becoming increasingly strict about this rule, so be conscientious about it.

3. You’re not wearing your seatbelt. In Quebec, you can receive a fine ranging from $200 to $300 for an unbuckled seatbelt. And you incur a similar fine if there are more passengers than seatbelts. Make sure everyone buckles up as soon they get in the car.

4. You’re driving too slowly in the left lane. Not many people know this, but according to the Highway Safety Code, you can receive a fine for driving in the left lane on the highway without good reason. If the speed limit is 80 km/h or higher and you’re dawdling in the passing lane, it’s entirely possible you could soon hear sirens.

5. Your exhaust system isn’t legal. Every year, thousands of drivers and motorcycle drivers are written up because their exhaust system is too loud. If you have a modified exhaust system, be aware that there are unnecessary noise laws that are pertinent to you.

To avoid getting pulled over, not only do you need to drive cautiously, but you also need to make sure that your vehicle is in good shape and that you have a good understanding of the Highway Safety Code.

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