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5 tips for driving safely in slush

Slushy road conditions mean you’ll have to adjust your driving style. Despite its harmless appearance, a mix of snow and water creates a treacherous surface that can cause a collision or send you off the road. The Auto Value Certified Service Centers team has prepared this list of tips to ensure a safe road trip.

1. Top up your windshield washer fluid

There’s nothing more nerve-wracking than running out of wiper fluid while a truck in front of you sprays brown sludge onto your windshield. It’s especially hazardous when you’re driving on a highway or bridge. Reduce your risk of this happening by checking and refilling your reservoir before driving and keeping a spare container of fluid in your trunk. Even if you don’t need it, you may be able to make another motorist eternally grateful.

2. Slow down

The faster you drive, the less grip your tires have on the road. In slush, the key is to go slowly. Considering a rain-covered surface increases your risk of hydroplaning tenfold, and an icy road increases your risk of skidding, you need to slow down. 

3. Don’t use cruise control

If there are accumulations of slush on your route, stay alert and be ready to handle a quick maneuver. Never forget that there may be a large crack or a pothole under the slush that could cause you to lose control or do severe damage to your vehicle. Save the cruise control for days with optimal road conditions when the pavement is dry, and traffic is flowing smoothly.

4. Keep your distance from other vehicles

Allow for increased braking distance on wet or frozen road surfaces. Keep enough space between yourself and other motorists to avoid having to make a sudden, unexpected move. Besides, if you follow too closely behind, you’ll have their slush to deal with and needlessly use up your wiper fluid.

5. Respect pedestrians and cyclists

If you drive too fast in an area where people use the sidewalk or shoulder of the road, slush can splash them from head to toe. For the sake of basic courtesy, always keep this in mind and drive cautiously.

Whatever the road conditions, but especially in slush, you need quality tires with appropriate pressure. Contact us to make an appointment to purchase or install your tires at an Auto Value Certified Service Centers.

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