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6 tips to prevent distracted driving

As you know, distracted driving is directly responsible for a staggering number of motor vehicle accidents. Many distractions are avoidable, including talking on the phone, fiddling with the radio, programming your GPS, eating, drinking or being distracted by your thoughts or fellow passengers. In this article, Auto Value Certified Service Centers team has put together six expert tips to help you keep your eyes on the road.

  1. Get ready before starting the car. Although dangerous,many drivers finish getting ready in the morning by doing their hair and makeup while driving. Instead, get into the habit of getting up a few minutes earlier. If you always end up being too warm while driving, take off your coat before fastening your seatbelt. This will prevent you from struggling to take it off later.
  2. Manage your devices appropriately. Turn off your cell phone’s ringer and silence all notifications for the duration of your drive. Above all, don’t hold your device or look at the screen unless you’re following the GPS. Tempted to check your phone? Keep it out of arms reach. Also, never program your GPS while driving. Instead, stop in a safe place.
  3. Don’t eat, smoke or drink while driving. This is easier said than done! Always keep both hands on the wheel so you can react quickly if something unexpected happens. The solution? Drink, eat and smoke before you hit the road or once you’re pulled over.
  4. Mind your passengers. Children and pets can be distracting. Make sure they’re properly restrained, that their basic needs are met and that they have games to play. Are your children screaming or bickering? Is your dog barking, whining and squirming? Don’t hesitate to pull over and wait for the chaos to subside.
  5. Don’t worry about fallen objects. Leaning over and taking your eyes off the road to pick up a pair of sunglasses or a packet of gum off the floor could cause a serious accident. Unless the object is near your feet and interferes with your driving, leave it where it is.
  6. Be in a good mood. It can be difficult to concentrate on the road if you’ve just had a sleepless night or received bad news. Also, driving when you’re angry may cause you to speed and make dangerous maneuvers. If necessary, ask someone to drive you home or take a taxi.

Other avoidable distractions include your car making strange sounds or a vibrating steering wheel. To drive worry-free, request an appointment at your nearest Auto Value Certified Service Centers.

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