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Manual or automatic? The pros of each transmission type

Some drivers swear by the sporty feel of a manual transmission; others couldn’t live without the practical aspect of an automatic. In the market for a new vehicle and unsure of which transmission to choose? At Auto Value Certified Service Centers, we believe each type has its own set of advantages. Read on to find out what they are.

5 advantages of manual transmissions

1. They put the driver in full control of the vehicle

2. They’re usually more affordable (around $1,000 less than automatics)

3. They put less strain on the brakes

4. Repairing them is usually cheaper

5. Manual cars consume less fuel


5 advantages of automatic transmissions

1. They allow for a more relaxed driving experience (especially in traffic)

2. They let drivers have a free hand at all times

3. They don’t stall while driving uphill

4. Switching gears is smooth and precise

5. Don’t risk causing clutch-related mechanical problems

Take note that the above lists provide a general overview but don’t necessarily apply to all models. For example, many recent automatic cars consume less gas than manuals. Always do your research!

Driver’s ed: automatic or manual?

Even today, knowing how to drive a manual is a big plus. We recommend that anyone considering enrolling in a driver’s ed program choose one that teaches how to operate a manual transmission. There are several benefits to this that make it well worth the extra effort. For example, it opens the door to a lot more options when it comes time to shop for a car, and it could also prove invaluable in the event of an emergency where only a manual car is available. Definitely something to think about!

Manual or automatic, your transmission is in good hands at Auto Value Certified Service Centers

Is your transmission acting up? Make an appointment at one of our repair shops, our mechanics have experience with both types of transmission and will be able to take care of all your maintenance and repair needs. Having problems with your brakes, tires, muffler, heating system or any other component of your vehicle? Our services will give you the peace of mind you need.

Service is the difference. We get it.

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