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Buying tires: 4 mistakes to avoid

High-quality, well-inflated tires are essential to safe driving. However, the experts at Auto Value Certified Service Centers have noticed many uninformed or budget-conscious motorists make mistakes when shopping for them. Here are four of the most common mistakes to avoid when choosing tires for your ride.

  • Opting for low-end models

Some manufacturers sell new tires at ridiculously low prices. However, these tires generally wear out quickly and provide less grip, negatively affecting handling. If cost is your number one consideration, it’s better to buy high-quality used tires than poor-quality new ones.

  • Choosing the wrong size

Do you think your car would look better with larger tires? Do you have a tight budget and want to buy smaller, more affordable ones? Although there are a few exceptions, it’s strongly discouraged to purchase bigger or smaller tires than the recommended size. You can check the label on the inside of your car’s driver’s side door or consult the owner’s manual to find this information.

  • Blindly believing ads

If you listen to TV or radio ads, you may think that all tires are interchangeable, high-performance, durable and safe. However, this is far from the truth. There are several types of tires on the market designed for different cars and road conditions. For example, some work better in snow and others on ice when it comes to winter tires.

  • Failing to educate yourself

You don’t want to look back on your decision with regret. Therefore, be humble if you’re not familiar with tires. Browse professional websites or, better yet, talk to a sales consultant who specializes in tires. They’ll help you choose a new set of tires that suits your vehicle model, budget and lifestyle.

Furthermore, don’t buy used tires without checking their degree of wear. Moreover, avoid combining different tire brands or taking the word of a well-intentioned but inexperienced relative. Trust the expertise and know-how of the experts when buying and fitting your car with tires.

Do you want to buy new tires for your car? Use our tire search tool or visit your nearest Auto Value Certified Service Centers for personalized service and advice.

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