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Do you have to go to a dealership to service or repair your electric vehicle?

Hybrids, plug-in hybrids and fully electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. Are you thinking about getting one but feeling a bit reluctant to do so because the people around you have brought up the disadvantages? At Auto Value Certified Service Centers, we know that there are still many misconceptions about electric cars. This article dispels the myth that electric vehicles (EVs) must be serviced at dealerships.

Maintenance simplified

Maintaining an electric or hybrid vehicle is easier than you think. For example, fully electric cars don’t require oil changes. If you own an EV, you also don’t have to worry about topping up various fluids or replacing gaskets and other parts like the alternator, fuel pump and exhaust system. In fact, very few parts require servicing other than the brakes, battery, suspension and steering.

Recognized training

Many repair shops are well-equipped to service hybrid and electric vehicles. It’s now common for employees to receive training on inspecting and maintaining these types of cars. In Quebec, several accredited training programs cover basic services like diagnostics and alignment, as well as advanced techniques like battery and electrical system maintenance. 

Accessible services

Are you ready to make the switch to driving green? If you’re loyal to your local repair shop, check to see if they offer maintenance and repair services for electric vehicles. Auto Value Certified Service Centers employ expert mechanics trained and certified in Quebec to work on electric vehicles. We’re here to support you in your wise decision to reduce your need for gasoline. Ask your repair shop for more information.

Manufacturer warranty

Many people fear the manufacturer’s warranty could be voided if their vehicle isn’t serviced at a dealership. You can rest assured that if you have your hybrid or electric vehicle serviced at Auto Value Certified Service Centers, you’ll continue to benefit from the original warranty offered by the manufacturer.

Auto Value Certified Service Centers: an eco-conscious choice

At Auto Value Certified Service Centers, customer satisfaction and safety are our top priorities. That’s why we offer our exclusive Confidence Plus Warranty and SafeRoute Roadside Assistance at no extra cost. If you run into an unexpected issue with your EV due to our service, you’ll get the help you need, no matter where you are in North America.

Once you take the plunge and purchase an electric vehicle, our team will be happy to keep it in top condition. Until you make the switch, trust us to repair and maintain your vehicle, whatever its brand. Make an appointment at your nearest Auto Value Certified Service Centers today.

Service is the difference. We get it!

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