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Engine light on? Here’s what to do

If your car’s engine light comes on, don’t panic: nothing’s going to explode within the next few minutes. Nevertheless, the check engine light definitely isn’t something you should ignore. In this post, your Auto Value experts explain what to do when your check engine light makes an appearance.


What’s the purpose of the check engine light?

The check engine light, located on your car’s dashboard instrument panel, is there to alert you when one of the vehicle’s components needs attention. While the signal is usually triggered by a minor issue, it does sometimes indicate a more serious problem—an engine malfunction, for instance. With so many possibilities (of varying severity), it’s no wonder the check engine light is dreaded by car owners.


If your engine light is on

If your car’s check engine light turns on, it means your car’s computerized engine management system has detected a problem. Start by checking the cap on your gas tank: believe it or not, this is often the culprit. If a loose gas cap isn’t at fault, make an appointment with your Auto Value Certified Service Center for a full inspection. You may need to replace a part before you can safely get back on the road.


If your engine light is flashing

This is a bit more worrisome. A flashing check engine light could mean that there’s a serious problem with your engine that requires immediate attention. Continuing to use your vehicle despite this clear warning sign could cause further damage. If your check engine light starts to blink while you’re on the road, pull over somewhere safe as soon as you can.


Once you’re safely stopped, call a towing company and head straight to the nearest Auto Value Certified Service Center. Our experts will diagnose the issue using a special computer and then carry out any necessary repairs to quickly get you back on the road.


A light you shouldn’t take lightly

Don’t underestimate the impact a mechanical problem can have on the safety and proper functioning of your car. Ignoring your check engine light could cost you! Imagine having to pay for major repairs just because you let one small issue snowball into a critical one. Avoid escalating the situation by taking action right away.


At Auto Value, check engine light problems are part of our daily routine. Trust our experts to find the best solution for your vehicle, and get back behind the wheel with confidence. Speaking of confidence—our repairs are covered by our Confidence Plus warranty. Ask us about it!


Service is the difference. We get it.

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