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Five things to consider when shopping for a reliable student vehicle

When it comes to buying your first car, it’s important to take several things into consideration, including the price, model, transmission type (automatic or manual), car features and gas mileage. If the description on paper corresponds to what you’re looking for, then you can move on to the next step: the test drive! In this blog post, we outline five important things to consider when test-driving a vehicle to help you make an informed decision.  


1. The proper functioning of mechanical features

When shopping for a reliable student vehicle, don’t hesitate to tinker with the car’s controls to see if they’re in good working order. Test the heating and air conditioning systems, blinkers, wipers, radio, headlights, horn and windows, as well as any other feature that can be tested. If you discover a minor problem that doesn’t deter you from buying the car, the automotive service technicians at Auto Value can have it fixed in a jiffy!


2. The way the car handles

To verify how the car handles on the road, don’t hesitate to turn, break and accelerate—in a safe and cautious manner, of course. If you notice the tires pull to one side and the vehicle has trouble staying straight, take a pass. You should also try parking from different angles. If the car manoeuvres well, it’s a good sign!


3. The way the car shifts gears

It’s impossible to test the car’s acceleration and deceleration capabilities in a 50km/h zone. Whether it comes equipped with a manual or an automatic transmission, it’s important to verify that the car shifts gears smoothly. Take several minutes to test drive the vehicle in the city and on the highway.


4. The design and comfort of the interior

Buying a reliable used vehicle for your first car is a good start, but buying a reliable and comfortable model is even better—especially if you have to travel a good distance to get to school. Verify that the driver’s seat, steering wheel and headrest can be adjusted to meet your needs. Furthermore, check the quality of the window glass. Does it provide optimal visibility? Lastly, make sure the pedals are within reach.


5. The sounds the car makes

During the test drive, make sure to turn down the radio and avoid constant chatter with the car salesman to better detect suspicious or unpleasant sounds. If you hear anything abnormal, chances are the car is in need of repair. One thing’s for certain: the expert mechanics at one of Auto Value’s Certified Service Centres can get it running, good as new!


Your trusted mechanic for a well-running machine

Have you recently purchased a reliable vehicle to get you through your student years? Congratulations! Don’t hesitate to contact us for all of your maintenance, inspection and repair needs. At Auto Value, we offer a wide range of services at all of our certified service centres.


Service is the difference. We get it!

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