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Get your car road trip-ready with our checklist

Getting your vehicle ready for a long drive involves more than just filling up your gas tank! To make sure your vacation is memorable for all the right reasons, follow our 5-point car checklist before your road trip adventure begins.


1. Mechanical inspection and vehicle condition

If you’ve found yourself thinking, “Is my car really ready for a road trip?” then it’s time to make sure your vehicle is in perfect condition before you hit the road. How disastrous would it be if your car decided to fail you in the middle of your vacation—and the middle of nowhere? A full mechanical inspection of your vehicle is your greatest ally against such unpleasant surprises. Let the pros at your Auto Value Certified Service Center take a thorough look at your car’s:

– Tires (wear, pressure, alignment)

– Brakes

– Turn signals, headlights and taillights

– Windshield wipers

– Fluid, oil and lubricant levels

– Suspension

– Electronic components

– Battery


Once the mechanical inspection is complete (and any necessary repairs are taken care of), it’s time to give your car an in-depth cleaning, inside and out.


2. Itinerary and apps

Planning your route—or at least, getting your hands on a navigational system—is another crucial step in preparing for a long car trip. Load up your smartphone with handy apps designed with travellers in mind—you’ll be happy you did! Thanks to them, you’ll be able to avoid traffic jams, easily locate gas stations and rest stops, find nearby tourist information centres and more. Psst! Always make sure to use your GPS safely and in accordance with the law.


3. Prevention and safety

Safety first! Before you hop in the car, check your emergency kit. It should contain the following: 

– First aid supplies

– Non-perishable snacks and a few litres of water

– A flashlight and spare batteries

– A blanket and warm clothing

– A multi-purpose tool (like a Swiss army knife) and some tape

– Jumper cables and towing straps

– Work gloves, a small compressor and a universal screwdriver

– Safety flares or a reflective device


Also, make sure that you have everything you’d need in the event of a flat tire (spare tire, jack, lug wrench, etc.).


4. Entertainment

Music, books, games and other means of entertainment are essential items to have on any road trip car checklist. Don’t forget your chargers!


5. Insurance and documents

Car safety? Check! Apps and entertainment? Check and check! The only thing that’s left to review before you leave is the paperwork. Make sure all important documents—driver’s license, ID cards, passports (if needed), travel and auto insurance papers, roadside assistance documentation, maps and pamphlets—are up to date and easy to access at all times.


Is your road trip adventure nearing on the horizon? Don’t wait any longer: make an appointment at Auto Value for a full mechanical inspection. Safe travels!


Service is the difference. We get it!

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