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How to prevent your battery from wearing out prematurely

Do you own a gas-powered vehicle? With a bit of care, you can optimize its performance, prolong its life and minimize the risk of costly — and avoidable — repairs. The Auto Value Certified Service Centers team has put together a list of behaviours you can adopt to avoid shortening your car battery’s lifespan.

Avoid overusing heating and cooling 

Both the cold of winter and the heat of summer can strain your car battery and shorten its lifespan. Your car’s heating and cooling systems generate electricity through a chemical reaction that’s exacerbated in extreme conditions. For example, during a heat wave, the temperature in your car’s engine compartment can reach over 150 degrees Celsius.

Additionally, be careful when trying to reduce the heat in the cab. Don’t overdo it on the air conditioning. Your car’s AC system generates heat under the hood. This temperature increase can accelerate the battery’s chemical reaction, shortening its functional life.

Have your battery inspected and cleaned regularly by an expert

A professional mechanic can quickly determine the condition of your battery. Certain signs indicate the need for immediate replacement, such as a warped, cracked or leaking battery casing.

During your appointment, a professional will clean and test the battery’s charge level. Keep in mind that, over several years, salt and debris can build up around the terminals and connectors. Removing this buildup helps prevent the corrosion that can lead to the premature death of your valuable battery.

Get a trickle charger for long periods of inactivity

Not driving your car for several days or weeks can slowly drain your battery, rendering it useless at the worst possible time. Invest in a trickle, or slow charger, to preserve battery function over a long time. This device plugs into a regular electrical outlet.

Don’t use accessories needlessly

If you’re sitting in your vehicle while it’s idling, resist the urge to use battery-reliant accessories like the radio and phone charger, as they can reduce your battery’s lifespan. 

In short, to avoid premature wear on your battery, keeping it charged, clean and at an appropriate temperature is essential. To find out whether your battery is in good condition or needs replacing, contact your nearest Auto Value Certified Service Centers today to make an appointment.

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