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Obligatory Maintenance at the Dealership?

There are too many myths about car maintenance. And the one concerning the Manufacturer’s Warranty is widespread and misleading, not mentioning it is making you spend more than you should!

You can take our word for it: doing your maintenance service at your dealer is not required to keep the Manufacturer’s Warranty valid.

“Yes, but my representative told me …”

You may have been told otherwise, but what should you trust most: the word of the car salesman or those of Article 52 of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA)?

The article clearly states that “The merchant or the manufacturer shall not make the validity of a conventional warranty conditional upon the consumer using a product which is identified by brand name […].”

Dealers are therefore not entitled to restrict the choice of places where you can have your vehicle serviced.

The only thing you need to do to keep your warranty in effect – and save your hard-earned dollars – is to do the proper maintenance services on a regular basis, a service offered in all our Auto Value Certified Service Centers.

As Article 52 of the CPA dates from 1978, don’t let an old myth dictate your choices.


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