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Why it’s important to wash your vehicle during winter?

Most Canadians are content to wash their vehicles all summer long, but leave them caked in filth during the winter. It’s easy to find an excuse to avoid the car wash in cold weather: frost, rain, short days, “it’s just going to get dirty again…” etc.

Does this sound like you?

Well, you should know that cleaning your vehicle in winter is more important than during any other season.


Salt is your vehicle’s worst enemy, because it can cause major damage to your chassis and every exposed mechanical component.

Winter driving is an all-out assault on your vehicle, which gets pummeled with salt, sand, calcium, ice, mud, exhaust residues – the list goes on.

Washing your vehicle monthly (at a minimum) will help preserve it by protecting against corrosion.

Believe it or not, washing your car is also good for the environment. Given that precipitation, in the form of snow, is more frequent during winter, chemicals and organic pollutants that accumulate on your vehicle are more easily spread. These pollutants are absorbed by the soil and affect ecosystems.

To minimize your vehicle’s impact, it is best to seek a car wash which includes a waste water treatment system.


Some tips to consider

When to Wash your Vehicle

 – Wait for the temperature to rise above -10 ° C before cleaning your vehicle to avoid freezing your doors and locks. In fact, most car washes close when the weather is not suitable for their services.

– If possible, go on a sunny day!


How to Wash Your Vehicle

– If you do it yourself, you should do it indoors with a high quality detergent.

A small air compressor equipped with an air gun to dry doors and locks is a bonus.

The application of a quality wax to protect your vehicle from corrosion is recommended.

If you do not have a garage, forget your “DIY” project. A cold vehicle’s body can freeze even warm water, on contact. Essentially, all you will do is create a skating rink in your driveway.


– If you use an automatic car wash, seek out a no-contact facility to avoid brushes that could damage your vehicle’s paint.

The drying time that is allotted to you at the end of your cleaning session will not prevent your doors and locks from freezing in cold weather. Bring a cloth with you and wipe the locks and the seals of doors.

Also make sure that your windshield washer fluid nozzles do not clog by spraying two or three jets once the wash is complete.


– Remember that the main goal is not to make your vehicle shine like in the summer, but to clear it of corrosive agents that will damage it. Therefore, do not feel pressure to purchase any luxury options at the car wash.


– After your wash, go for a short, slow drive, and try to park it in the sunlight.


Happy and safe winter driving!


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