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Protecting your car’s exterior during winter

When you’re on the road in winter, safety is your top priority. And being safe means being well-prepared. Before navigating the ice and snow, you have some things to attend to. You need to:

  • Get your car’s wheels aligned, balanced and well-inflated
  • Get your car’s fluids checked
  • Get the different systems of your car checked
  • Get your car’s filters changed

Measures to prepare your car for winter are always the first order of business. Once you’ve protected yourself against winter driving conditions, the next step is to protect your car. At Auto Value Certified Service Centers, we know how to protect your car from the hazards of winter driving. For helpful tips on preserving your car’s appearance, keep reading.

How to prepare your car for winter

Moisture and abrasive materials (notably, road salt) are part and parcel of winter driving and they have the nasty habit of eating away at your car’s exterior. A professional rust-proofing treatment is the best way to guard against corrosion. And this can be reinforced with the application of a wax or car paint sealant. These products act as a protective shield, allowing your vehicle to preserve its finish all while preventing corrosion. Far from breaking the bank, these generally inexpensive services may save you money in the long run, as repairing parts damaged by rust can be costly.

Note also that it’s important to wash your car at least several times during winter so as to clean away salt, sand and other abrasive material.

Protecting your car as you drive

Being prepared is essential, but as with anything, it’s only half the battle. To preserve your car’s exterior, there are some precautions you will want to take when out on the roads this winter. The main ones are keeping a good distance from other cars and driving at a reduced speed. Following too close is sure to send pebbles and road salt your way: sworn enemies of your car’s paint. Plus, doing so is unsafe, as drivers need to give themselves plenty of space to brake in icy road conditions.

Lastly, make sure you’re using good quality products to remove ice and snow from your car so that you don’t scratch the paint. Auto Value recommends a scraper with a smooth and strong blade, a solid grip and a quality brush.

To learn more about how to keep your car body in good shape during winter, or to make an appointment for an inspection, get in touch with your local Auto Value Certified Service Centers today!

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