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Strange car noises: 5 potential causes

You may have experienced this: you’re behind the wheel, cruising along, and suddenly you start to hear strange noises. At first, you’re not sure where they’re coming from. Your phone? Your GPS? Your imagination? Nope, none of the above: you’re forced to face the fact that the noise is coming from your car. In this article, Auto Value takes a look at five noisy mechanical problems that our technicians fix on a regular basis.

1. A worn-down suspension produces a noise much like the kind you hear when sitting down on a piece of furniture with rusty springs. The noise occurs mainly when you drive over bumps or potholes.

2. A worn or loose drive belt produces a noise ranging from a barely audible squeak to an ear-shattering squeal.

3. If it becomes damaged, your clutch release bearing could make rattling noises while you’ll vehicle is at a standstill.

4. A punctured tire makes a dull rubbing noise. If you aren’t able to hear the noise, you’ll be able to detect this issue another way: your car will noticeably pull to one side.

5. If your brake pads need to be replaced, you’ll hear a squealing or screeching every time you brake. Though not very pleasant, it’s an effective way to warn you of an urgent problem.

Don’t let the problem get worse: see a certified mechanic at Auto Value Certified Service Centers

Whenever you hear strange noises coming from your car, one thing is certain: you shouldn’t waste any time before bringing it in to a local garage. If you ignore these noisy warning signs, the issue could become much more serious than a slight earache. A broken drive belt, for instance, or a shock absorber that gives out, could seriously endanger both you and other drivers. In short, don’t take unnecessary risks.

At Auto Value Certified Service Centers, our mechanics can diagnose all car troubles, no matter how noisy or silent. Once we’ve determined the cause of the noise, we’ll propose an appropriate solution. Then you can leave the rest to us: before long, you’ll be back behind the wheel, entirely safe and cruising along in peace! Make an appointment at one of our Auto Value Certified Service Centers today!

Service is the difference. We get it!

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