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What should I do if my car’s stuck in the snow?

Even if you have a dependable car with good winter tires, there’s no guarantee that it won’t get stuck in the snow. At Auto Value Certified Service Centers, we want you to have a safe and stress-free winter driving season. In this article, we give you some tips for getting your car back on the road when it’s sitting in snow and won’t budge.

Take safety precautions

Before anything, make yourself visible by putting on your hazard lights or setting out flares. This is particularly important in low-visibility weather conditions or on a busy road. Next, ensure that your car’s exhaust pipe isn’t obstructed and see if there are any obstacles such as a fire hydrant or traffic sign around your car.

Grab a shovel

Carefully clear the snow around your vehicle with your shovel, giving special attention to the area around the wheels. Even if it means being a little late, it’s important to put your safety first and take your time. Shovelling too quickly or vigorously can cause you to hurt yourself. Don’t have a shovel in your car? Use your hands, feet or some serviceable object that you have handy.

Drive forward and backward

If there’s no one around to help you, try driving your car out by alternating between going forward and backward. Tap lightly on the pedal, as accelerating too quickly will only make the problem worse. If your tires are spinning on ice, use traction aids, de-icing salt, sand or small stones if you have any of these things handy. In a worst-case-scenario, you can even use one of your car mats.

If a Good Samaritan offers you a hand, ask if they’ll push your car. Make sure that each attempt to drive forward is done in a synchronized and safe manner.

Move on to Plan B

No luck? You can always call a tow truck or roadside assistance. This will get you on your way and may even give you an amusing story to tell your friends.

Finally, remember that being thoroughly prepared for winter driving conditions is essential to staying safe on snow-covered roads. Read our article on preparing your car’s safety kit to ensure that yours is winter-ready.

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